Real Estate Photography – Coronis – AURA

I’ve Been contracted to a company called DIAKRIT now for the last few months which has been fun. I wasn’t sure after such a long time being freelance that I could actually sort of work for somebody else but it has been quite a nice change to leave all the admin up to head office and just get back to shooting. I guess this is what normal people do…


Christmas Promo – Brisbane Arcade



From a recent shoot from November 2017. Part of the Brisbane Arcade Christmas promotion. Great work by a really talented bunch of creatives! including, Models – Ashleigh & Francois @ Chic, H&M  – Carla Sakrzewski, & Styling by Annabel Franco.



“The Portal” Concept


Had some fun with this image from Thomas & Carolines wedding! Shot this around 7pm after getting the newly married couple out of their reception! Their both avid fantasy gamers and chose a bit of a theme for the wedding. Had a blast shooting this and loads of fun playing around in photoshop afterwards. Bottom image is the before (obviously!)