Cafe Nurcha – Buderim – UBEREATS

Shot this for Ubereats a while ago. It seems to be the future of this industry in terms of contracts to go through a third party agency for jobs nowadays. Im quite happy with that as it allows me to concentrate on the photography and not get to caught up in constantly chasing clients and trying to book shots in. Ubereats have been great to work with and really like the simplicity of the process to complete the job.


Real Estate Photography – Coronis – AURA

I’ve Been contracted to a company called DIAKRIT now for the last few months which has been fun. I wasn’t sure after such a long time being freelance that I could actually sort of work for somebody else but it has been quite a nice change to leave all the admin up to head office and just get back to shooting. I guess this is what normal people do…

Christmas Promo – Brisbane Arcade



From a recent shoot from November 2017. Part of the Brisbane Arcade Christmas promotion. Great work by a really talented bunch of creatives! including, Models – Ashleigh & Francois @ Chic, H&M  – Carla Sakrzewski, & Styling by Annabel Franco.



“The Portal” Concept


Had some fun with this image from Thomas & Carolines wedding! Shot this around 7pm after getting the newly married couple out of their reception! Their both avid fantasy gamers and chose a bit of a theme for the wedding. Had a blast shooting this and loads of fun playing around in photoshop afterwards. Bottom image is the before (obviously!)