“Lexie” – restorer / collector of Bentwood Chairs, Editorial photography – Highlife Magazine

Lexie-1 Lexie-2 Lexie-3 Lexie-4 Lexie-5 Lexie-6 Lexie-7 Lexie-8


Had the absolute pleasure of meeting this amazing lady on a recent editorial assignment. Her name is Lexie and she is an avid collector and one of the few remaining restorers of bentwood chairs in Qld. Her passion for all things “bentwood” was infectious as I’d only ever known these chairs sitting in  cafe’s on Parisienne streets! and now I find myself scouring charity shops for an “angel back” design. This was an assignment for highlife (not about what you might assume!), a lifestyle magazine out of Toowoomba,(check out there online edition @ http://www.highlifemagazine.net) I’m hoping these will make it to the spring edition. Last image looks like a “Country Style” cover to me!

Thank-you Lexie – it was an honour to meet you…


Alure – Luxury Accommodation – Mt Tully, Qld

Alure-1 Alure-2 Alure-3 Alure-4 Alure-5 Alure-6 Alure-7 Alure-8 Alure-10 Alure-11


Thought I’d share these with you. From a recent shoot for my long time clients and friends at Alure – Marrion & Ruth. Loved this as all the styling was done by Jemma @ embellish events, food was by Andrew Simpson & flowers by Trudie @ Flowers of Elegance – I just turned up and started clicking away! I couldn’t decide on a running theme so tried lots of different approaches i.e food was bright/fresh whereas bedroom scene of chocolates-wine- roses petals was more richer/darker Overall really happy with the results and hopefully Marrion & Ruth have lots to work with for their advertising – the perfect shoot!

Diamondvale Cottages – Commercial Photography, Qld

Diamondvale-1 Diamondvale-2 Diamondvale-3 Diamondvale-4 Diamondvale-5 Diamondvale-6 Diamondvale-7 Diamondvale-8 Diamondvale-9 Diamondvale-10 Diamondvale-11 Diamondvale-12 Diamondvale-13

I work @ diamondvale so often that its practically my second home! Over the last couple of years I’ve got to know the owners Tony & Kerrin pretty well and am always amazed at their ability to make people feel welcome  – it truly is a gift. I would be surprised if they have had any guests that have had an average experience while staying here, not bad after all these years and a true testament to their hard work & personality. This is the follow-up to a shoot I did in 2010 which I’m still really proud of. I knew I’d set the bar pretty high so felt a bit of pressure to get this one right and on a tight schedule. I’m pretty happy with the results although I’m always left with the feeling of needing to tweak things for perfections sake – (note to self know when to stop!) The brief was country-style – I hope I came close….

“Severndipity” Commercial Photography – Ballandean – Qld



Severndipity-1 Severndipity-2 Severndipity-3 Severndipity-4 Severndipity-5 Severndipity-6 Severndipity-7


Thought I’d share some more commercial work. This Is “Severndipty” a private retreat on the banks of the severn river in just outside of Ballandean. Lovely people that run it – Noeleen & Ken. Would be a great place to chill out.

“The Backburners Ball” Dalveen, Qld



I Thought I’d share this. Its for a charity fundraiser for a local volunter fire bigade. They have had there funding cut by half from the state government so they have to try to raise some extra revenue elsewhere. If they cannot – god help us when the next big fire comes through!

The theme was that these guys could relax and rock out – until the next call-out!

Azjure – Commercial Photography – Ballandean, Qld

Azjure2013-2 Azjure2013-3
Azjure2013-1 Azjure2013-4 Azjure2013-5 Azjure2013-6 Azjure2013-7 Azjure2013-8

Had the pleasure of photographing this amazing property in Ballandean, Qld. I’d shot the other villas a couple of years ago and was commisioned to return and photograph the main house as this is now available to book. Its position is perfect to look across the  valley to the rolling hills beyond. Thanks again to Cathryn & Ross for believing in me all those years ago and again giving me the chance to shoot this beautifull place…

Matt – Performing Arts Portfolio

contact Manahan-1 Manahan-2 Manahan-3 Manahan-4 Manahan-5 Manahan-6 Manahan-7 Manahan-8 Manahan-9 Manahan-10


Its been a long time since I’ve done one of these (it shows I know). Used to be a main part of what I did in the big smoke and it nearly drove me insane and away from photography for good. But after this shoot I really had a blast. I’d forgotten how creative the process can be and how fun it is to work with genuinely talented people. Matt’s a local kid who can do it all. Singing, dancing, piano playing he’s got the lot – insanely talented and definitely one to watch. Off to study at the conservatorium later in the year so needed some up to date shots for his portfolio. That’s where I came in… Thanks to the local council for allowing us to use the civic centre for the shoot. I think I just rekindled my love of photographing the performing arts…not sure if I’m ready for models yet though……

Kent Saddlery – Documentary Shoot – Granite Belt

Currently working on a project for these guy’s. An amazing group of craftsman & women working out of a stone building out in the bush. They produce some incredible saddles and other leather goods and sell all over australia and the world. They’ve outgrown the original building so are now moving to a new place, thats where I come in as they want some record of the history of the place and some images for their advertising.

“Vintage Winter Wedding” Stanthorpe Wedding Suppliers Showcase

I’ve been away for the last ten days so I’m having withdrawal symptoms regards the blog. Heres a selection of shots from the last shoot I did before leaving. It’s a showcase for local Stanthorpe & surrounding area wedding suppliers. This is the brainchild of Jemma Tripp our local wedding co-ordinator to show everyone what we can do – and she did an amazing job organising and styling the whole day – Well done Jemma!

special Thanks to the Bramble patch for allowing us to use there beautifull house & gardens!

Styling – Jemma Tripp @ Embellish Events
Photographer –  Cory Rossiter
Dresses and Accessories – Valentine Bride
Champagne Vintage hair piece – via Embellish Events
Hair – Cuts and Curls
Makeup – Beauty on High
Cakes – Cake by Lara
Chairs – The One Day House
Cookies – via Embellish Events
Models – Shauna and Timothy Evans
Flowers-  Flowers of Elegance

GBWT “Autumn Promo Shoot”











These are part of a series of images based around the four seasons (see Spring /Summer in an earlier post for the first installment) for the Granite Belt wine tourism organisation . The climate here on the granite belt is unique in Queensland allowing us to have four seasons (compared to wet / dry seasons in most parts of the state).

Thanks to everyone involved in helping to create these images – it was great fun!