Susan + Scott – Warwick Wedding – QLD

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-1 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-2 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-3 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-4 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-5 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-6 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-7

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-8susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-9 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-10 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-12 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-13

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-14 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-15

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-16 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-18

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-20 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-21 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-22 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-23

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-25 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-26 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-27

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-28 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-30 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-31 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-32

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-33 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-34 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-35 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-36

susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-37 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-38 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-39 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-40 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-41


susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-44 susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-45susan-scott-wedding-warwick-qld-by-cory-rossiter-46

I think the outside temp said 42 degrees at 1.30am, so this has to be the hottest wedding I’ve ever done. We all knew this was gong to be an memorable experience and I’m still amazed at how everyone just got on with it, I felt for the boys in their suits, it must have been awful to have to follow me around all afternoon while Susan & Scott were having their photo’s taken. The results are pretty amazing though. I think and its a real bonus knowing I can still be creative when my brains melting! We all pulled together to make this happen. Thanks again to all involved, especially Sue & Scott who were still open to all my mad ideas ( the shopping trolley has to be one of my more bizarre “off the cuff” creations,  although I later found out that they met while working at woolies! so had some relevance) My wife Renee was the second photographer on this wedding also so I must say a big thank-you to her. She never fails to amaze me with her great timing and vision (the wind blown veil shots are hers) Through the heat and the wind and the dust we still managed to create something beautiful together…


2 thoughts on “Susan + Scott – Warwick Wedding – QLD

  1. Absolutely amazing, so so so excited! Cory and Renee, I will say it again – you were both a pleasure to deal with and made the entire day a relaxing. We too had a ball of fun and loved your enthusiasm. It’s going to be difficult to pick what to print! Thank you so much. Susan & Scott xx

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