“James Blundell” Portrait Photography – SE QLD

James-Blundell-portrait-by-coryrossiter-commercial,wedding,portrait,photographer,sequeensland,northernNSW-1 James-Blundell-portrait-by-coryrossiter-commercial,wedding,portrait,photographer,sequeensland,northernNSW-2 James-Blundell-portrait-by-coryrossiter-commercial,wedding,portrait,photographer,sequeensland,northernNSW-3 James-Blundell-portrait-by-coryrossiter-commercial,wedding,portrait,photographer,sequeensland,northernNSW-4 James-Blundell-portrait-by-coryrossiter-commercial,wedding,portrait,photographer,sequeensland,northernNSW-5 James-Blundell-portrait-by-coryrossiter-commercial,wedding,portrait,photographer,sequeensland,northernNSW-6


This is the follow on from the Australian financial review shoot from a few weeks ago. These are some of my personel favourites from that session. I’d photographed James before for an exhibition that I had a couple of years ago and again was struck with his easy going nature and professionalism (James is a country singer/songwriter/musician and has been photographed by some of the best in the business) Had a lot of fun doing this and super happy with the results. Good luck to James for the upcoming election.


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