Portrait Workshop – Artworks on Davadi – July 2013

Portrait-Workshop-2013-1 Portrait-Workshop-2013-2 Portrait-Workshop-2013-3 Portrait-Workshop-2013-4 Portrait-Workshop-2013-5 Portrait-Workshop-2013-6 Portrait-Workshop-2013-7 Portrait-Workshop-2013-8


These were a super small selection of images from my first workshop dedicated to portraiture. I’d done some general ones last year for beginners but decided that this year it was time to get more hands on. I had a great time, and was surprised at how much I had to think about what I did as I tend to just do it automatically. It’s also been some time since Id shot in a studio environment (the weather outside in the morning was raining….again! so had to quickly set-up in the back of the gallery) and I really enjoyed it – never thought I’d say that after I left the studio in Brisbane! Theres more workshops on the way. This weekend I’m running one on still life / macro and then an absolute beginners course the weekend after. Thankyou to all who came along – I hope you have taken some extra knowledge away with you and maybe a little inspiration. And I cant forget all the models on the day who did an amazing job under pretty difficult circumstances!  Can’t wait for the next one…..


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