Jasmyn + Toby – Wedding at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Qld

J&T-1 J&T-2 J&T-3 J&T-4 J&T-5 J&T-6 J&T-7 J&T-8 J&T-9 J&T-10


J&T-11 J&T-12 J&T-13 J&T-14 J&T-15 J&T-16 J&T-17 J&T-18 J&T-19 J&T-20 J&T-21


These are from a recent wedding on the gold coast. It had been a while since I’d shot there and other than the fact that the location we had chosen wasn’t open to the public – due to a triathalon! – in the morning it went really well. Again helped by a great bunch of people who were all eager to have fun and celebrate this momentous occasion.

Best of luck to Jasmyn & Toby for your future together…


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