Tru-Test – commecial photography – Guyra N.S.W

Tru-test-2 Tru-test-3 Tru-test-4 Tru-test-5 Tru-test-6 Tru-test-7 Tru-test-8 Tru-test-9 Tru-test-10 Tru-test-11 Tru-test-12 Tru-test-13 Tru-test-14 Tru-test-15 Tru-test-16 Tru-test-17 Tru-test-1


Something a little different. I’m eternally grateful to Neil from Tru-Test to let me shoot  the way I wanted too for this project. He sent me a proof sheet that the company had recently done in N.Z and although it was great photography it needed to be done differently for the Australian market. Much more “working farmer” than staged.

Really happy with the results as these guys were actually working (as opposed to posing!) – Looking forward to the next series!


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