Sue + Jason -Wedding @ Yamba – NSW

S&J-01 S&J-1 S&J-2 S&J-3 S&J-4 S&J-5 S&J-6 S&J-7 S&J-8 S&J-9 S&J-10 S&J-11 S&J-12 S&J-13 S&J-14 S&J-15 S&J-16 S&J-17 S&J-18 S&J-19 S&J-20 S&J-21 S&J-22 S&J-23 S&J-24 S&J-25 S&J-26 S&J-27 S&J-28 S&J-29 S&J-30 S&J-31 S&J-32 S&J-33 S&J-34 S&J-35 S&J-36 S&J-37 S&J-038 S&J-38 S&J-39 S&J-40


Sorry everyone – I’m behind on my posts!.. I cannot seem to get a chance to blog at the minute due to the fact that I’m spending half my life editing images on the computer (I’m writing to adobe as we speak trying to change the name lightroom to life–sentence…) I know you all are going to say “well don’t take so many pictures” and I agree to a certain extent but we all used to envy the press guys in the past because of their (virtual) unlimited supply of film and now we find ourself in a similar position and we go mad…I should  know better as I can still remember shooting a whole commercial shoot on a 512mb card !!! I loved Yamba but unfortunately we ran out of daylight and well just ran out of time in the end – still really happy with the shots though and got to meet some great people – all the best Sue & Jason…


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