“Lexie” – restorer / collector of Bentwood Chairs, Editorial photography – Highlife Magazine

Lexie-1 Lexie-2 Lexie-3 Lexie-4 Lexie-5 Lexie-6 Lexie-7 Lexie-8


Had the absolute pleasure of meeting this amazing lady on a recent editorial assignment. Her name is Lexie and she is an avid collector and one of the few remaining restorers of bentwood chairs in Qld. Her passion for all things “bentwood” was infectious as I’d only ever known these chairs sitting in  cafe’s on Parisienne streets! and now I find myself scouring charity shops for an “angel back” design. This was an assignment for highlife (not about what you might assume!), a lifestyle magazine out of Toowoomba,(check out there online edition @ http://www.highlifemagazine.net) I’m hoping these will make it to the spring edition. Last image looks like a “Country Style” cover to me!

Thank-you Lexie – it was an honour to meet you…


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  1. I am really amazed. I have seen people with different kinds of passions. But this is completely different passion. I mean bentwood chairs are great, but a passion of collecting them is really something i never heard of.

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