Samantha + Paul – Wedding at Girraween Enviromental Lodge / Girraween Inn, Qld

S&P-1 S&P-2 S&P-3 S&P-4 S&P-5 S&P-6 S&P-7 S&P-8 S&P-9 S&P-10 S&P-11 S&P-12 S&P-13 S&P-14 S&P-15S&P-16 S&P-17 S&P-18 S&P-19 S&P-20 S&P-21 S&P-22 S&P-23 S&P-24 S&P-25 S&P-26 S&P-27 S&P-28 S&P-29 S&P-30 S&P-31 S&P-32


These were taken a few weeks ago at Girraween environmental lodge and Girraween Inn, two locations I’d not shot a wedding at before although I had shot commercial photography for each. I was really impressed with the area chosen for the ceremony at the environmental lodge, really beautiful peaceful spot down by a mountain stream with huge moss-covered boulders and amazing trees. I’m hoping to shoot there again one day. Samantha & Paul are the type of people who instantly put you at ease and make you feel as though you’ve known each other for years, so was really easy to work with them. Paul’s originally from South Africa so many of the guests travelled from there aswell as other parts of the world to be part of their day, testament to how well liked these guys are. A great night was had by all and the new managers at Girraween inn did an amazing job hosting this event…


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