Alure – Luxury Accommodation – Mt Tully, Qld

Alure-1 Alure-2 Alure-3 Alure-4 Alure-5 Alure-6 Alure-7 Alure-8 Alure-10 Alure-11


Thought I’d share these with you. From a recent shoot for my long time clients and friends at Alure – Marrion & Ruth. Loved this as all the styling was done by Jemma @ embellish events, food was by Andrew Simpson & flowers by Trudie @ Flowers of Elegance – I just turned up and started clicking away! I couldn’t decide on a running theme so tried lots of different approaches i.e food was bright/fresh whereas bedroom scene of chocolates-wine- roses petals was more richer/darker Overall really happy with the results and hopefully Marrion & Ruth have lots to work with for their advertising – the perfect shoot!


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