Daniella + Les – Felsberg Winery / Bramble Patch Wedding – QLD

D&L-8D&L-1D&L-7 D&L-6 D&L-5 D&L-4 D&L-3 D&L-2


D&L-9 D&L-10 D&L-11 D&L-12 D&L-13 D&L-19 D&L-18 D&L-17 D&L-16 D&L-15 D&L-14


D&L-20 D&L-21 D&L-22 D&L-23


Yes I know, I’ve been slack! Shot this two weeks ago. Ive known Daniella & Les for a few years now as I shot Daniella sisters wedding back in 2009 so again was a bit of a re-union with various members of the wedding being part of previous weddings Ive done. Again the weather was perfect and finished with a top sunset. I have to say a huge thank-you to the people @ the bramble patch for allowing us to use their amazingly beautiful gardens at really short notice – if you want to see more – I shot the Winter wedding Promo back last year see “Winter Wedding” post. Again thanks to Karren @ felsberg for making life so easy (as always!) and also to my new assistant – Leah for allowing me not forget my kit which is normally strewn around the countryside as I get caught up in flow. A great laugh was had by all….


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