Diamondvale Cottages – Commercial Photography, Qld

Diamondvale-1 Diamondvale-2 Diamondvale-3 Diamondvale-4 Diamondvale-5 Diamondvale-6 Diamondvale-7 Diamondvale-8 Diamondvale-9 Diamondvale-10 Diamondvale-11 Diamondvale-12 Diamondvale-13

I work @ diamondvale so often that its practically my second home! Over the last couple of years I’ve got to know the owners Tony & Kerrin pretty well and am always amazed at their ability to make people feel welcome  – it truly is a gift. I would be surprised if they have had any guests that have had an average experience while staying here, not bad after all these years and a true testament to their hard work & personality. This is the follow-up to a shoot I did in 2010 which I’m still really proud of. I knew I’d set the bar pretty high so felt a bit of pressure to get this one right and on a tight schedule. I’m pretty happy with the results although I’m always left with the feeling of needing to tweak things for perfections sake – (note to self know when to stop!) The brief was country-style – I hope I came close….


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