Gary + Claire – Ballandean, Qld

G&C-1 G&C-2 G&C-3 G&C-4 G&C-5 G&C-6 G&C-7 G&C-8 G&C-9 G&C-10 G&C-11 G&C-12 G&C-13 G&C-14 G&C-15 G&C-16 G&C-17 G&C-18 G&C-19 G&C-20


G&C-21 G&C-22 G&C-23 G&C-24 G&C-25 G&C-26 G&C-27 G&C-28 G&C-29 G&C-30 G&C-31 G&C-32 G&C-33 G&C-34 G&C-35 G&C-36 G&C-37 G&C-38 G&C-39


Ah! at last the sun is shining, and I was loving it. No more wet shoes and damp equipment! just warmth and light, I’d nearly forgotten. As you can tell I made full use of this big yellow/orange thing and couldn’t care less about burning my retinas out as long as I got the shot. This was also shot yesterday so has to be some sort of record for a post from me! A wonderfully relaxed wedding where cricket was played and the odd wine was enjoyed (not by me of course) and that dress! how good did that look in all this lush greenery around. Congratulations Gary & Claire you’ve earned your break…


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