Kirby + Dan – Warwick Wedding – Qld

K&D-3 K&D-2

K&D-4 K&D-5 K&D-6 K&D-7 K&D-8

K&D-9 K&D-10 K&D-11 K&D-12 K&D-13 K&D-14 K&D-15 K&D-16 K&D-18 K&D-19 K&D-20 K&D-21


K&D-22 K&D-23 K&D-24 K&D-25 K&D-26 K&D-27 K&D-28 K&D-30 K&D-31 K&D-32 K&D-33 K&D-34 K&D-35 K&D-36 K&D-37 K&D-38 K&D-39 K&D-40 K&D-41


This is the follow-up from Kirby & Dan’s engagement shoot a few weeks ago. A seriously wet wedding! I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to make it out to one of the locations as the roads were cut by rising flood waters. Everyone was a star putting up with the rain and even though we couldn’t use all of the locations we had picked out I’m still chuffed with the results. Thanks again to all involved and hope Kirby & Dan have a warm, dry & relaxing honeymoon. I’m off back to England for some dry weather….


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