“Summer Weddings” Granite Belt Wedding Showcase

Summer-2 Summer-4 Summer-5 Summer-6 Summer-7 Summer-8 Summer-9 Summer-10 Summer-11 Summer-12 Summer-13 Summer-14 Summer-15 Summer-16 Summer-17 Summer-18 Summer-19 Summer-20 Summer-21 Summer-22 Summer-23 Summer-24 Summer-25 Summer-26 Summer-27 Summer-28 Summer-29 Summer-1 Summer-30



These are from a series that we did a few weeks ago now, again organised, styled and directed by the amazing Jemma @ Embellish events. It follows on from a winter showcase we did  last year to promote the amazing talent we have locally. unfortunately I don’t have the list of everyone that supplied their time and effort into making this happen

so I’ll update this post shortly. Needless to say (apart from the rain!) we had a great afternoon and I’m really happy with the results. Lets hope that we can get some great exposure from this and encourage more people to have their weddings here on the granite belt…They wont regret it


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