Fiona + Kris – Hot & Stormy Granite Belt Wedding

F&K-01 F&K-02 F&K-03


We’re currently experiencing a heat wave over here, so I was prepared for a hot one and boy was I right!. Armed with 15 litres of water (slight exaggeration) and factor 30 sun cream we climbed onto this huge granite dome on Fiona’s parents farm for some epic landscape shots – and then the storm clouds rolled in!

My luck finally held! and the stormed passed to the east of us but we still had this boiling sky to work with, just beautiful. I dream of skies like this. The third shot is under some hail netting that has been damaged, you can find this all over this area but I’d never really had a chance to use it. Really happy with the result.

Next time I hope it’s really windy and I’ll get the chance to slow things down a little. Thanks to everyone for staying cool in the heat, it wasn’t the easiest conditions to shoot in but really happy with the results epic!




2 thoughts on “Fiona + Kris – Hot & Stormy Granite Belt Wedding

  1. Hey Corey, awesome shots and glad you shared. I’ve been chatting with Joe, Fiona’s Dad and he was so excited about using their large granite boulder on their property for some wedding photos. I heard about the heat on the day, but the sky is absolutely amazing and makes it all worth it!

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