Cheryl + Espen – The first Warwick Wedding of 2013


C&E-2 C&E-3 C&E-4 C&E-5

C&E-6 C&E-7 C&E-8 C&E-9 C&E-10

C&E-11 C&E-12 C&E-13 C&E-14 C&E-15

C&E-16 C&E-17 C&E-18 C&E-19 C&E-20


C&E-22 C&E-23 C&E-24 C&E-25 C&E-26

C&E-27 C&E-28 C&E-29 C&E-30 C&E-31










I’d had a few weeks without shooting a wedding so was feeling really fresh and excited to be working again. This was quite an emotional ceremony with Espens mother reading a prayer in norwegian which was very moving, I started to get a little choked-up even though I don’t speak the language. Amazing to think that 5 days after the wedding the couple will emigrate to Norway so for the guests it was also a chance to say goodbye. Certainly reminded me of my own wedding and leaving the U.K 14 yrs ago. I wish you both all the best with your future together, it must be incredibly exciting to be starting this new journey, stay warm & safe…




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