Toya + Lachlan – Felsberg Winery / Diamondvale Cottages – Granite Belt































Heres a few of my current favourites taken a few weeks ago. Another torrential downpour – It rained so loud during the ceremony that I could hardly hear the vows! – from 3mtrs away!. Its amazing how I don’t get fazed by the weather anymore, I’m so used to wet weddings over the last couple of years that I now almost look forward to the challenge. We had picked some amazing open fields of these beautiful yellow flowers that are everywhere this time of year, but because of the rain I had to abandon all those plans and ‘run for cover’. A huge thanks to Tony & Kerrin (again!) for allowing us to use their log cabin for the photography, I’m completely amazed how well that place photographs!. And not forgetting rounding up the ponies for an idea of a shot I’ve had for a while now, I think they may well need their own agent soon they are so good at posing for photographs!. Next time I might try my luck completely and bring some kids into the mix… now that will really test me!……

Toya & Lachlan – Hope you both had an amazingly relaxing time in Bali (I’m very jealous) speak to you soon.


4 thoughts on “Toya + Lachlan – Felsberg Winery / Diamondvale Cottages – Granite Belt

  1. Cory thankyou thankyou thankyou !! these look amazing!! You have done a fantastic job considering the conditions we had. It was so lovely to work with you, we are so happy and over the moon with the result. I cant wait to see the rest of the photo’s. P.s Bali was awesome!!!

  2. Hi Cory
    These photo’s have the WOW facter! I’M speechles,
    I would have to say that these are the best wedding photo’s i have seen you take .
    Amazing Cory!
    PS You are such an inspiration to me

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