Taryn & Gerard – Toowoomba Wedding, Qld


I seem to be spending a lot of time shooting weddings in Toowoomba at the moment. I really like working there as I’m not that familiar with the city so everything is really new and exciting to shoot. These are a few shots from last Saturday’s wedding. I’d shot Taryn & Gerard engagement a few weeks back so they were really easy to work with. I really recommend having that pre-wedding photography done as it makes the wedding day so much easier and fun. Some of my fave’s from the day were the shots of the two bridesmaids getting “busted” eating chocolate cupcakes! and also almost breaking the bed jumping on it and also I’m into the grungey borders thing again so there are a few examples in amongst this lot. A great day & really fun night with Taryn’s rendition of “Hot Stuff” being a personel highlight!…


2 thoughts on “Taryn & Gerard – Toowoomba Wedding, Qld

  1. Hi Cory – once again some amazing shots! I really love the ‘Love Rd’ photo and the one at the church with the sun behind us. Can’t wait to see the rest – and the video!

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