“Faces of Bali” Street Portraits – Bali – Indonesia






































I thought I’d share these portraits recently from Bali. I set myself a little side project while I was there for the wedding. I can never just relax on holiday (one of the drawbacks of being a photographer I suppose!) I’d been to lots of airports in Asia but never actually experienced being outside in the streets. Quite an eye opener, especially as I live in a fairly quite part of Qld and don’t “get out much”. The Balinese are amazing people! happy and easy-going and were a joy to photograph I must admit that the majority were paid for their modelling and were really happy to pose for me. We had the pleasure of meeting Dewa, a fantastic guide and driver. He likes to take photographers to places a bit off the beaten track. We were supposed to make a trip to his village but unfortunately  ran out of time. If anyone is looking for a guide you cannot go past this guy, he can be reached via his site http://www.baliyogatour.com

Bali was a revelation, which I barely scratched the surface in terms of photography. The people, the culture, everything was vibrant and new and even though it moves a 1000 miles an hour, it was still the most relaxed I’ve been in years. Cant wait to go back…


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