Kate + Nick – Alternative “Rock n Roll” Wedding – Toowoomba – Qld



















I met Nick & Kate a few months ago at my office to talk about the type of wedding photography they were after. They were pretty clear that they didn’t want to do the traditional thing and when I saw the way they both dressed it became clear that this one would be different!  I was totally inspired by the theme for this wedding (having a bit of a thing for that whole “pin-up”/burlesque scene) hence the amount of  individual shots of Kate!!! We could have kept shooting for hours but the light/cold got the better of us in the end. We also shot a short promo video for this -(Thanks Leisa for travelling up from the gold coast!!!) – so will post that when its edited.

LOVE the film noir shot for the “black widow bride”  (feature Image). Thanks to everyone involved – I had a ball…


post that when


8 thoughts on “Kate + Nick – Alternative “Rock n Roll” Wedding – Toowoomba – Qld

  1. OMG Cory, i LOVE them. They are prefect and Im going to have to make Nicholas build me a new wall (a big wall) to put them up on. We all had the best day and so happy that you could capture all of it. Thankyou so much xx

  2. Wow These look absolutely beautiful! Kate is so photogenic and just looked the part perfectly!
    Its so beautiful to see how the day was captured as it was brilliant!! 🙂
    Those Blue Eyes!!!!

  3. Cory, what wonderful photos of my son and his beautiful wife. You have captured them to perfection. Your close shots of Kate and those amazingly clear blue eyes…..WOW. I just adore the photo of Andie on the chair too. We had a fabulous day and I loved watching you capture the day for everyone so we can all enjoy photographic memories for many years to come. Great job!

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