“Athena + Matt” Maleny Wedding

My first “Maleny wedding in 5 years” and its good to be back! although a little weird to ask permission to photograph at certain locations!, I’m not used to that out west! – if you can get across the fence or lock the gate behind you – you can take a photograph!. I’ve known Matt & Athena for a while now. Athena is a wedding coordinator on the sunshine coast & Matt a chef. Matt happens to come from a few miles down the road from where my brother lives in the U’K and most of local places he knows I was there 4 wks ago!. The weather was a bit dicey at times but all was good in the end. A beautiful wedding with amazing details as you’d expect from a coordinator and matt scrubbed up O.K too. Enjoy…..


7 thoughts on ““Athena + Matt” Maleny Wedding

  1. Cory – these photos are absolutely gorgeous – stylish and capture the love of Athena and Matt – it truly was a special day and they have many beautiful memories of their day

  2. Cory, you never fail to deliver the most amazing photos…. I want to get remarried just so that i can have Cory Rossiter take my pickies…. might have to just settle for some family shots hey?

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