Granite-Dreaming By Cory Rossiter

Granite Dreaming

January 2010

The concept came quickly – two artists combining their skills to achieve their dreaming – but the logistics took a little longer.  The economies of time and space were eventually overcome and, on the morning of the shoot, Kelli began her work on models Robert, Monique and Diane  while Cory paced and hoped the weather and the light would hold.  Many hours and a long climb later it was Cory’s turn and although the light was good it was fading fast; enough, though, to capture the colours sliding between rock, tree, body, and sky – sliding, perhaps, across time – and evoking the fluidity of life against the slow and ponderous eons. It is easy to imagine the hunter artists of the past nodding agreement to the use of colour and form against rock.

(Excerpt from High Life Magazine feature – winter 2010)

This is the first series of images for a upcoming calendar / coffee table book. Proceeds from the sale of these will be donated to an environmental charity.


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