Diamondvale Cottages by Cory Rossiter

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1st April 2010

One of my favourite commercial shoots ever!!!   Tony & Kerrin are wonderful people and have done an amazing job with the cottages. I met them while photographing Jo & Dylans wedding and was impressed by their infectious enthusiasm and the fact they’re just damn nice people! When we were putting together the concept for the shoot it was decided that we needed to have a pretend party to show the place to its potential (also a great way of getting free models!)The idea was for a few people sitting around pretending to have a few drinks, unfortunately the talent forgot about the acting part of the plan and a full-on party ensued. Needless to say that  it was a bit of a struggle to get people to stay put and look like they were enjoying themselves without enjoying themselves!!!  (If you know what I mean). Loved every minute of it and hopefully we will work together again.


3 thoughts on “Diamondvale Cottages by Cory Rossiter

  1. The thanks is all due to you Cory! You have an incredibly artistic eye and we are so grateful for your creativity! I can’t wait to do another shoot!! I have to say, though I am totally biased, I love these shots – thanks again!

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